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The Most Exciting Summer Destination For Your Foodie!

Imagine your child whipping up healthy mouthwatering dishes inspired by cuisines from all corners of the globe, all while immersing themselves in the lively and multicultural culinary scene of none other than the iconic New York City. With our carefully curated field trips to the city's hottest restaurants, butcher shops, and markets, your little foodie will have the chance to celebrate and devour the diverse and mouth-watering food offerings of the Big Apple.

This hands-on experience isn't just about chopping, sautéing, and mixing—it's about unleashing a love for food that will set their taste buds dancing and their culinary imagination running wild. From embracing different culinary traditions to exploring explosive flavors, our camp aims to foster a deep appreciation for the endless possibilities that healthy food can bring.

Meet Our Founder

Chef Anicia is a vibrant and passionate culinary expert based in the bustling city of New York. With an impressive background as a long-time nanny, she seamlessly transitioned into becoming a multi-faceted chef and holistic nutritionist, bringing with her over 10 years of valuable experience. Her remarkable talent has been showcased through an array of services, ranging from crafting exquisite private dinner parties and developing tantalizing recipes and products, to creating personalized nutrition plans for athletes, celebrities, and families hailing from around the world. Along her culinary journey, Chef Anicia has garnered recognition from renowned names like Google, Samsung, Lalo, NFL, Showfields, Bumble, IMG Models, Pvolve, and many others.

Most recently, Chef Anicia established Kids Table, an organically driven culinary venture aimed at revolutionizing how we nourish children by incorporating functional ingredients and global flavors through a convenient local meal delivery service and a curriculum based cooking camp for kids.

As much as she thrives amidst the vibrant culinary scene, Chef Anicia finds her true joy in teaching exhilarating pop-up kids cooking classes and collaborating with families to help young palates embark on a journey of taste exploration!


We blend science and culinary arts with cooking and food science experiments.

Explore taste, nutrition, and food chemistry while making delicious meals!


Your little chef-in-training will be cooking side by side with the one and only celebrity private chef, Anicia Anya, along with some of their favorite restaurant chefs and even TikTok stars to combine food + art!

The Secret Ingredients


With our carefully curated field trips to the city's hottest restaurants, butcher shops, and markets, your little foodie will have the chance to celebrate and devour the diverse food offerings in the heart of NYC!

Day in The Life

Of A Camper

Here is an example of the delicious + fun day your foodie will have at Cooking Camp.


Chef Campers Arrive!


Morning Meeting + Cooking lesson with Chef Anicia + Special Guests


We’re Cookin! Chef Campers will be assigned their recipe of the day and/or prepare for a super fun outing at a local restauraunt, butcher or market.


Bon Appetit! Chef Campers indulge in the delicious meals and snacks they prepared and enjoy some fun in the sun with outdoor games + activities led by our junior staff.


Snack Time! Chef Campers will work in groups to prepare a fruit or veggie based snack of the day with our friends at GROW NYC.


Chef Campers will ensure stations are cleaned + nominate a sous chef of the day!


Group Dismissal

Let’s Start Cookin’

Kids Table Cooking Camp is offering a unique 10 week pop-up series this summer. Catch us in a neighborhood near you all summer long!

Brooklyn Heights

Starting June 17th

Kids cooking together in kitchen


Starting July 15

Cooking with kids

Prospect Heights

Starting July 29

Little Kids Huddling Together

Fort Greene/ Clinton Hill

Starting August 12

Two Diverse Children Happily Carrying Vegetables in Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Age Requirement For Chef Campers?

6-12 years old

What If My Child Has Allergies?

Chef Campers are split into groups of 4-5 and spread out throughout the space. At each location, there will always be a designated table with equipment and materials that are free of the top 5 allergens.

Do You Provide Lunch?

Yes! Chef Campers will be tasked with a recipe of the day in which they will enjoy the finished product for lunch.

If My Child Doesn’t Enjoy The Recipe, Are They Able To Bring Lunch?

Yes! Chef Campers are allowed to bring lunch and/or additional snacks if they need.

Where Are You Located?

We bring our program directly to you through our vibrant pop-up locations in Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Heights, Gowanus, and Fort Green/Clinton Hill. By being strategically scattered across Brooklyn, we ensure that aspiring little chefs from all corners of the borough can conveniently join us. As a minority-owned business, this approach not only grants accessibility but also allows us to streamline costs without compromising on our commitment to excellence.

What Will My Child Learn?

Chef Campers will delve into the fundamental elements of the culinary arts, mastering techniques, honing knife skills, exploring global flavors and healthy ingredients. They will also go on a journey through the dynamic culinary landscape of NYC, discovering the intriguing stories and diverse flavors offered by our local restaurants, butchers, and markets,

What If My Child Has Special Needs?

At Cooking Camp, we believe that cooking is for everyone and are happy to accommodate any children with special needs. We’re equipped with safe sensory tools and also staff well versed in implementing intervention strategies.

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